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Columnist:  Grant Courtney

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Monday, March 24, 2003


Daddy’s been really busy.  Between sick cats, going back to work, and a wedding out of town, he’s been too busy to keep the page up.  Things are getting better, though.  I think you can expect more shortly.


Consider this an intermission – here is the entertainment…






Happily Fed










Official Baby Mug Shot


Now playing at a Post Office near you.






Just reminding Daddy where the bottle goes






Practicing my “Billy-Bob” look





Симпатичный ребенок в российском оборудовании.


(Cute baby in Soviet outfit)






Very funny.


I fell asleep with pants on, and I woke up with a hat.





Mom’s teaching me the basics.






In the event of a water landing, your seat bottom can be used as a flotation device.




How much do you love Daddy?




Mommy’s being silly again…







I love Mommy.  She’s fun to be with.





I let my family watch hockey every once and awhile.

Go Gophers, the defending 2002 & 2003 NCAA Men’s Hockey Champions.








Grant and Dad

March 22nd

8 Weeks

Approx 12 lbs

Approx 21 in.

Much happier in person.

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