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Saturday, Jan 25, 2003

As the story goes, I was minding my own business when all of a sudden life changed.  I suddenly found myself into a room with a beautiful, sweaty woman, a goofy-looking man, and a bunch of people wearing gowns and masks.  I got carted away under a heat lamp while the gown people poked, prodded, tested, and did all sorts of other things to me.  Then I got wrapped in a blanket and handed to the goofy-looking guy.  What else could I do but cry as loud as I could.


Two hours later, I’m still crying.  The beautiful woman is OK, but this guy has no idea what he’s doing.  I like spending time with her, though.  Finally got a bath and a meal, and it was time for a nap. 

Sunday Jan 26, 2003

I got to sleep most of the day.  The beautiful woman calls herself Mom.  The goofy guy hangs around a bit, but still has no clue.  He says he’s Dad.  Must be a paperwork foulup.


Got another bath – woke me up a little bit, but went back to sleep.


First group to visit me was Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Jack, and two little ones.   Apparently, they’re my brother Justin and my sister Nikki.  Seem like nice kids, but I sleep through most everything.  I like Grandma and Grandpa.  I think Uncle Jack was expecting something else, but I liked him too.


Next came Aunt Linda.  I like her.  She held me close for a long time.


Slept some more.


Grandma and Grandpa Courtney showed up next.  They held me awhile.  I think they know what they’re doing, just a little rusty at it. 


Uncle Steve, Aunt DJ, and Cale visited later today.  Got some neat stuff from them.  Nothing but nice people visited me today.  I feel very lucky.


I slept through most of it, and really didn’t meet anyone today.


But this nighttime thing is pretty cool.  I figured out if I’m awake and fussy all night long, I get held.  They offer me food and new diapers, but all I really want is to be held.  I fall asleep in their arms, and as soon as they put me down, I get fussy again.  Great way to spend time with this Mom lady.  She’s a keeper.


Another new game I like is when the nurse lady changes me.  When she has the diaper off, I try to hit her full stream.  Not too good with aim, but two nurses had to change after I hit them.


They keep talking about pictures and some “circus cision” for tomorrow.  Sounds like fun.  But for now, I just want to keep everyone awake all night long.

Monday Jan 27, 2003

Daytime, and I’m trying to sleep after being up all night long.  Unfortunately, some lady keeps taking my picture and the flash hurts my eyes.  Goofy guy is back with Mom and I – I haven’t heard back on the paperwork inquiry yet.


While I slept, they took me to the “circus cision”.  Definitely not what I was expecting.   I slept through all of it, but I did notice something was missing in my diaper when I returned.  Goofy guy says I had too much down there – they had to make sure the other little boys weren’t jealous.


After a quick checkup, it was out the door and on the way home.  Slept through all of it.


Got to spend more time with my brother and sister, but slept through that too.  Mommy and Daddy took care of me all afternoon.  Never did see this guys’ credentials, but he is trying.  His warrantee is probably expired, so I probably have to keep him anyway.


Finally woke up about 10pm, and we got to play the fussy game again all night.  Did stop crying at one point enough to see my new room.  Not too bad for a little guy.  I could do a lot worse.


Goofy guy is pretty funny with the fussy game.  I cried once, woke him up, and he went to look for me over by the monitor.  That made me laugh.  I think I’ll keep him. 

Tuesday Jan 28, 2003

Still trying to figure out which finger tastes best.

Back to sleeping during the day.  I could get used to this schedule.


Got a good look at this today.  If she’s my sister, I’m in trouble.


I got my first trip today, but it was to see my new Doctor.  After pooping on his scale, he still liked me, so I think he’s a keeper.  He says I’m very healthy, except for some extra “belly ribbon” in my system.  Doctor says it makes me sort of look yellow – a little bit of jaundice (Daddy helped me with the spelling).  He says this will go away after a few days, as long as I keep eating and messing up my diaper.  Daddy says I’m good at both, so it should be no problem.

Since they want me to get rid of the “belly ribbon”, I get to sleep in a light box.  Mommy worries about the light getting into my eyes at night, but I worry about the tan lines around my diaper.  Little girls dig babies like me, but according to GQ the diaper-tan look is out. 

Wednesday Jan 29, 2003

 Mommy and Daddy are getting used to the two-hours schedule, where the first hour is feeding/changing and the second hour is sleeping.  They’re slowing down, but getting used to 1-hour naps around the clock.

Daddy’s favorite picture


I got to meet my Uncle Kyle and Aunt Julie tonight.  Julie fed me, so I’m now her #1 fan.  Kyle didn’t get to hold me, so I’m waiting until he does before I make a decision on him. 


My favorite Doctor called later to let Daddy know that I was getting better, and tonight would probably be the last day in the box.  Not too much of a tan, but still more than the rest of the boys have in Minnesota this time of year.  The girls will be mine.


Thursday Jan 30, 2003

Got to go back to the hospital today to have my blood checked.  First time it was my heel, yesterday it was my hand, and today it was my arm.  Wasn’t the highlight of my day.


Got to meet Aunt Jenny and Granny Cuckoo yesterday afternoon, and had another visit my mommy’s parents.  I got so many hugs and kisses, they’ll have to scrub them off next bath.  Everyone says I’m cute, so I may not fit into my hat next week.


Friday Jan 31, 2003

Mommy with mystery guest.  I had my eyes closed, so I didn’t peek either.  She doesn’t look 40.

One more trip to the hospital, and a visit from mommy and daddy’s friend Deb.  Daddy says that without Deb, I wouldn’t be here.  Not quite sure where I’d be?!?!  Apparently, I’m supposed to be nice and on my best behavior.


Got a call from the Doctor. One more blood test to run to make sure my liver is working right, so it's back to the hospital tomorrow. Doc says not to worry - things look pretty darn good.

Saturday Feb 1, 2003

What a weird family I have…..

Hospital was a real pain today.  The trainee Dr tried to hit blood, and ended up going all around my arm to find the right place.  One big bruise.  Mommy was about to clock him.


We got better news later in the day.   My “Belly Ribbon” is now down to 12, which means my liver is working.  No more tests.


While Daddy went and ran errands, I got to spend time with my brother and sister.  For the first time, I was really awake with them.  They’re really nice to me, and feed me lots of formula.  My sister even taught me to dance to the Pink Panther Theme when I fussed.  Not sure whether it was the dancing or the odd company, but I didn’t need to fuss anymore.  As you can see from the picture, I’m not too sure about her.


Finally got to meet my Aunt Sue, Uncle Wayland, and cousins Lacey and Michelle.  Daddy forgot to take their picture with me, so I’m he’s back on the goofy list.  I mostly slept with them, but remember Lacey holding me so nice.  They’re welcome to come over anytime.


I got my last big bottle of formula, and actually slept about 4 ½ hours.  Mommy and Daddy were so happy with me.


I’m a week old today!!

(thanks Mom)

Sunday Feb 2, 2003

Daddy’s back on my good side again.

Got to spend some time with Grandma Barb and Grandpa Gene again today.  The finally got to seem my eyes before they left, which they say was a good thing.  I slept most of the day, and hung out with dad watching the news most of the afternoon.  Turns out, he’s pretty comfy to sleep on, so I may put him on the good list once again.


I got fussy last night, though.  I think I was up every hour between 10p and 3a, trying to tell Mommy and Daddy what was wrong.  They didn’t get it.  Now that it’s morning, I can’t remember either what was so important.  Maybe it will come back to me if I do it again tonight?!?!

Tuesday Feb 10, 2003



My T-Shirt reminds me of the important things in life.


Mommy thinks that I look like I’m in my Elvis suit prayin'.

Sorry about the long delay – after a series of run-in’s with my production manager, I had to explain to him that a DAILY column needed to be done daily.  He seemed to think it was more of a ‘whenever’ thing.  Since he’s my Daddy, it’s hard to fire him.


Lots happened in the past week…

  • Went and saw the Dr, he said I’m doing great.  Another appointment today to check my weight.
  • I got to spit up on Daddy several times, and sneeze on him with a mouthful of formula.
  • Mommy and I play the tinkle game when I get changed.
  • I posed for many pictures this week.  Some of the best are included.
  • I’m sleeping 4-5 hours in the night, but making noises all night long.  Don’t want Mommy and Daddy to sleep too soundly.
  • I taught Daddy ten things about being with me….

1.      Cover me up while you’re changing me.

2.      If you don’t do #1, I will.

3.      If I do #1, don’t open your mouth in surprise.

4.      If you’re really still, I like to fall asleep on you.

5.      I really like it when you feed me.

6.      When you do feed me, give me 2 oz.

7.      When you give me 4 oz, I give 2 oz back to you in about a half hour.

8.      Formula, like many other things, is LIFO (Last In, First Out)

9.      After feeding, I like to burp in your ear.

10.  I’m cute 24/7, no matter what I do to mommy or daddy.


Gotta work on those tan lines.  Women dig me.


I also got to go see my brother play Basketball last weekend.  That was really fun.  Daddy promises me something called Hockey, but not until I’m older.


More tomorrow.  Daddy promises.

February 12, 2003


More of the same today – Formula, sleep, diaper, formula, sleep,…


I’m now regularly sleeping 4-5 hours every night, so Daddy and Mommy don’t look so tired in the morning.


We’re talking about my first real fun trip for this weekend – going to the Mall of America.  Not too sure what this means, but my older sister seems pretty excited.


Got to meet some friends of the family – The Carr’s.  Mommy’s friend Julie held me real nice while I slept. Daddy got to play with Anna, Max, and Joe.  He had fun.


Here’s Mommy’s favorite picture…


I get to go to Mommy’s work for a little bit Thursday, and get to meet all the people she plays with all day.

Friday, February 21, 2003

I turn 4 weeks old tomorrow.  Daddy’s been busy with sick cats and other things, but he’ll get some updates up soon.  I got to have lunch with daddy’s friend Jackie, and spent some time with mommy’s friend Debbie.  Getting a little bigger, and lots of fun.  I can sleep anywhere between 2-7 hours at night, and spend more and more of the day awake.  I mainly just lie to watch the world go by.  More pictures this week.  Here’s my favorites.


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