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Sunday, March 22nd, 2009


Hockey and the Desert

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Baby Grant Whitmal Courtney finally arrived at 7:52p on Saturday January 25th after 3 hours of ‘gentle’ labor.  Baby, Mother, and family are all doing well.  After a short hospital stay, the new family was expected to take up residence in Little Canada shortly.

Mother rocking baby

Reservations now being taken for  visits.

Call (651) 483-2963 for details

Grant Grows Up



First Name:               Grant

Middle  Name:           Whitmal

Last Name:               Courtney

Date of Birth:            1/25/2003

Weight:                      6lbs 10oz

Length:                        18.5 In

Both baby and beautiful mother doing wonderfully.

 Father stays conscious during whole ordeal…(see pg 2)

Nikki and Justin volunteer lifetime babysitting for free… (see pg 4)

Raelian’s claim “We Still Have the Only Cloned one…”  (see pg 2)

“Beach Condo Still the Goal” says Father (see pg 3)

“Baby has my hairline” says Grandpa.  (see pg 5)